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Offering the highest quality framed insect displays, butterfly wing jewelry and distinct natural history art.
Individually hand-crafted in San Francisco by a skilled entomologist.

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Framed Butterflies

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Framed Moths

Framed Moth

Framed Beetles

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Framed Maps

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Framed Insects

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Original Designs

Framed Insect Design

Insect Dioramas

Banjo Beetle

Insect Dioramas

Insect Greeting Card

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry Collection

Real Butterfly Wing Necklaces

real butterfly wing jewelry

Real Butterfly Wing Rings

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Real Butterlfy Wing Cufflinks

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Gallery of Past Dioramas

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Superior Quality

Combining professional museum experience and conservation biology with the finest archival materials, Kevin's framed insect art has been seen in Pottery Barn catalogs and hang in Hollywood's Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Each display is hand signed and numbered on back.

Insect Art with a Mission

Established in 2002 with the goal of educating the public about the insect world and sharing elements of the natural world without harming the environmental, B.U.G. is committed to promoting the sustainable use of insects. B.U.G is a San Francisco Green Certified Business.

A BUG's Story

Every framed butterfly and insect display comes with a researched story about the specimen inside. Kevin believes if people here the unique stories of the unknown, they may be more likely to protect them.

BUG UNDER GLASS in Press & Design:

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The art of a finely crafted insect display involves patience, a keen eye to detail and high quality archival materials. The market is flooded with poorly made mass produced insect art sold without any regard to where the specimen came from or its sustainability. At Bug Under Glass, we take great pride in making insect art that will last a lifetime, as well as art that is sustainable and educational -- it serves a purpose. All of our insect displays are made with archival materials, sealed and professionally made.
Bug Under Glass creates museum quality insect displays that showcase real framed butterflies, exotic moths, colorful mounted beetles, and one of a kind scientific natural history displays. B.U.G's museum collections of insect displays range from classic shadowbox displays with a single scientific specimen to elaborate natural history displays that feature butterflies with old maps or collage & decoupage inspired themes. However, Kevin's speciality and passion is for artistically posed beetle dioramas.

Every insect shadowbox display is designed and assembled by a biologist with a background in entomology, science education and years of natural history museum experience. His artistic skills, entomological background and passion for insects guarantee an expertly crafted insect display that is both educational and worthy of a museum collection; or simply a home or office.

Bug Under Glass insect designs won an "Editor's Choice" award from Make Magazine's Maker Faire 2008 and has also been featured in Apartment Therapy, Decor 8 and numerous other design blogs, as well as being featured in Pottery Barn and West Elm catalogs.

Whether it be interior design, weddings, or a unique gift, Bug Under Glass is your source for unique museum quality insect art.