B.U.G. Scholarship

Since 2014, The BUG UNDER GLASS (B.U.G.) SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP has offered a $500 scholarship to a Petaluma high school senior who is pursuing a career in science. The scholarship is administered by the Petaluma Educational Foundation, which is a privately funded, non-profit organization whose primary goal is to raise money in the community to benefit education.

APPLY FOR THE B.U.G. SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP.  (you must be a senior in the Petaluma School District)


2014 Scholarship recipient – Nathan Culver $500 Scholarship
2015 Scholarship recipient – Anastasia G Lucas $500 Scholarship
2016 Scholarship recipient – Madison Johnson-Reed $500 Scholarship
2017 Scholarship recipient – Jordan Marshall $500 Scholarship
2018 Scholarship recipient – Mia White $500 Scholarship
2019 Scholarship recipient – Kayla Pearson $500 Scholarship