Bug Under Microscope

A local scientist has been stopping by the Bug Studio to pick up various insects to photograph with a Nikon camera that includes a auto-montage microscope set-up. The results have been amazing and I want to share some of the photographs. One can really see the amazing architecture and color of these ancient creatures.

The weevil family is one of my favorites because of this group’s characteristic long neck, which helps me humanize these insects in my miniature insect dioramas. Under a microscope, a whole new world is revealed.

Pictured below is a beetle from the Eupholus genus.

Below is a photograph of this beetle above photographed with auto-montage.


The Leopard Lacewing, Cethosia biblis, is an ornate butterfly that has a range from India to Asia, and has been used in my collaboration with the Poetry Store (picture below).


This same butterfly below with Auto-Montage.