Butterflies of the Solar System

We see butterflies all around us and they strike a sense of beauty and wonder every time. How can this beauty be tied to space exploration? Cassini, the NASA spacecraft that has captured vivid images of Saturn and changed our understanding of space, has also given us a new sense of beauty beyond anything we have ever seen. A client inspired my first ever space related custom butterfly project- a truly unique display.

Connor Bingham, whose grandfather was an aerospace engineer, always had his eyes open to the worlds beyond and is continually impressed by Earth’s own vitality. When Nasa released a series of planet images a couple years back, Bingham had a brilliant idea. He resized the planet images to keep their circumferences consistent. He then placed them on a black background, printed them before framing.

As we know, our universe is intimately connected and Bingham wanted to tie these planet images to the beauty on Earth. This is how I got the honor of creating 9 framed butterfly displays with a black background and similar size frame to compliment his prints. In my humble opinion, the results are stunning.

butterflies and plantets

I’m thankful for projects like these because they remind me take a look up and out, rather than just at the insect world around my feet. Just while browsing NASA’s website I discovered the Butterfly Nebula, a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius! Wow – butterflies in space! Who knew? Thank you, Conner, for opening this new world up to me.

butterflies and space

framed planet pictures

PHOTO CREDITS: Connor Bingham