Dead Fly Art

dead fly art

You will never see a dead fly in the same way after seeing Jan Flanigan’s dead fly insect art. In 2012, she began positioning flies on tiny cartoon drawings and photographing them to cheer up a close friend who was caring for her gravely ill husband. She soon had a large portfolio and turned it into a business. I had the pleasure of seeing her bug art at the Maker Faire and loved the sense of humor and quality of the displays. Flies do not get a lot of love from the public but Jan’s art make this misunderstood creature more approachable – a mission my bug art also strives to do. Fly Town Comics sells greeting cards, t-shirts and original pieces featuring a real fly.

Check out her work at:
Fly Town Comics
ETSY store.


dead fly artist

fly town comics

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insect art dead flies

Image credits: Fly Town Comics