Masters of Disguise Walking Leaf Insects

I just added a new species of walking leaf to the Bug Under Glass insect collection and thought I would share some cool facts with you about this amazing group of insects.

Walking leaf insects are the only member of the order Phasmatodea (walking stick group) that do not look like sticks. Instead, they are perfect mimics of various types of leaves. The Phyllium family, which has about 30 members, is the most impressive with flattened leaflike wings that even have “veins” that look like the veins of a leaf.

real framed walking leaf

The name Phasmida of the walking stick order comes from the greek word “phasm”, meaning phantom. This group relies on its cryptic appearance and behavior to escape predation. It spends most of the day motionless and waits until dark to feed on vegetation.

I currently sell two species of Walking leaf framed: the largest species of this kind in the world, Phyllium giganteum and another beautiful but smaller species Phyllium Pulchrifolium.