Hooray for Grass! – the evolution of

Grass often gets mowed, chewed by insects and most of the time just overlooked. However, its importance is very significant in the evolution of animals, especially insects. This piece was in the NY Times and is a very well written piece about the forgotten plant that insects love to eat. 

Evolution By the Grassroots 
NY Times, March 2 2010

Imagine the Earth without grasses.

There would be no lawns or meadows. No prairies. No savannahs or steppes. No wheat fields or rice paddies. No sugar cane.

No sheep, elephants or horses.

No people.

We live in the age of grass. Indeed, from our point of view, the evolution of grasses was one of the most momentous events in the history of the Earth. Which is why I’m nominating them for Life-form of the Month: March…… READ MORE