Ladybug Macro Video

The ladybug, or sometimes called a lady beetle, has its name origin come from the Middle Ages where it was known as the “Beetle of Our Lady”. In that time, these beetles were dedicated to the Virgin Mary because it was believed this bug came from the heavens in order to save crops. Today, in many parts of the world, the ladybug is considered either a sign of a fruitful harvest, good weather, or just good luck.

In California and many other parts of the world, ladybugs overwinter (or hibernate which is called “Diapause” in the entomology world) in large aggregations in order to keep warm. Stumbling upon one of these sites, which can be along fences, in trees, under logs or rocks, is an awesome site.

Marin County photographer Gary Yost captured one of these aggregations in Cascade Canyon Mill Valley, California with incredible macro-photgraphy and music by Kim Fox.

Ladybugs Awakening from Gary Yost on Vimeo.