New Framed Insect Displays Available

I have been busy adding new framed insect displays to the store and want to highlight some of my favorites in this post.

A new framed cicada display (seen above) I call “The Splendid Ghost” is a combination of two of my favorite cicada species — the Ghost Cicada and the Splendid Cicadas.

The framed Japanese Emperor (seen below) is a stunning butterfly from Asia and the national butterfly of Japan. The purple iridescence is difficult to see in the photos.

Japanese emperor framed butterfly

The Framed Wood Boring Jewel Beetle Display (seen below) is a stunning beetle from Asia that is even more beautiful with its wings spread so you can see its iredescent blue back.

framed beetle chrysochroa saundersi

Looking for a unique custom framed butterfly display? (seen below) Now you can customize initials or numbers into my original “Butterfly Love” piece. After purchase, I will find out what two initials or numbers you want.

i love san francisco butterfly

I think the Framed Day Moth Display (seen below) is one of the more beautiful moths around. This moth has long wings and a pretty blue color to it.

framed moth Eterusia replete

I have not made any new insect dioramas in a long time so excited about the Beetle Riding a Zebra display now available in the store. This is a gift for someone who has everything.

beetle riding a zebra

You can see all the new additions in the NEW FRAMED INSECT ART section.