Tank the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Let me introduce Tank. Tank just moved here from Madagascar and is really grumpy (I know this because hissing cockroaches hiss when they are mad – and tank hisses a lot); hence his give name – Cantankerous. We just call him Tank. And you can’t blame Tank for being grumpy with three missing forearms, a half broken antennae, and currently living in a room with a women cockroach about to have 15 babies. Furthermore, he is a cockroach, which are hated by most. 

Despite his reasonable reasons for being grumpy, Tank is here to teach us something about his fascinating family, who have been around the block a lot longer than most animals. In the upcoming months, Tank will demonstrate and share some of the amazing attributes of cockroaches. I promise you will never look at a cockroach the same again. 

Today Tank is going to give you a little background on his family ancestry. Tank is a cockroach and a member of the Blattodea insect order, which contains 4,000 other known cockroach species. Tank’s ancestry goes back farther than the dinosaurs and the earliest cockroach-like fossil relatives appeared about 325 million years ago. Tanks closest relative is the termitie, which most scientists believe evolved from cockroaches about 100 million years ago. Realizing being related to termites does not help his PR, Tank has hired me to convince you his family is cool.